Professional home inspector credentials

new york state AND association certifications completed:

 State University of New York- certificate Business Management

State University of New York AAS- B.A.

NYS 5 module baseline training:

  • Module 1: Structure, Roofing & Exteriors.
  • Module 2: Interiors, Electrical Systems, Insulation & Ventilation.
  • Module 3: Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.
  • Module 4: License Law, Overview of Profession & Report Writing.
  • Module 5: Field Training.
  • 24 NYS Continuing Education Units per license term in good standing. Coursework has continued since 2009.
  • Agreement Requirements
    Course numberL-2233
  • Code of Ethics
  • Course nameDeck Inspections
    Course numberEDU-0000-8477-54
  • Course nameElectrical-Defects and Failures
    Course numberL-2241
  • Course nameExterior inspections
    Course numberEDU-0000-8430-30
  • Course nameFoundation Walls and Piers
    Course numberEDU-0000-8408-04
  • Course nameGas fireplace inspection
    Course numberEDU-0000-8404-79
  • Course nameGround Fault and Arc Circuits
    Course numberL-2242
  • Course nameHome Scene Investigation
    Course numberL-2238
  • Course nameIdentification of Moisture Defects in Homes
    Course numberL-2240
  • Course nameInterNACHI S.O.P.
    Course numberEDU-0000-8396-12
  • Course nameModern Plumbing and Sewage Inspection
    Course numberL-2239
  • Course nameMoisture intrusion
    Course numberEDU-0000-8477-10
  • Course namePlumbing Overview-Residential
    Course numberEDU-0000-8483-91
  • Course nameResidential Electrical
    Course numberEDU-0000-8412-89
  • Course nameResidential Structural design
    Course numberEDU-0000-8411-62
  • Course nameSafe Practices for the Home Inspector
    Course numberEDU-00008481-35
  • Course nameStructural Issues
    Course numberEDU-0000-8407-53



InterNACHI certification

Certified professional home inspector #16042704

recent nys continuing education


As of 12/19, recent NYS home inspector approved continuing education as of courses include: 

New Construction Guidelines L2364, Mold in Buildings L2579, Building Envelope & Conditioned Space L2592, Risk Management L2598  

Career and Experience Highlights

Successful residential property subdivision

Zoning compliance- wetlands, ZBA, use compliance, town hearings, variance, conservation, commercial development

New homes built or full home restoration in excess of $1.5 million 

Specialty construction contracts from planning to final inspection in excess of $9 million 

International Building Code coursework and site implementation

Federal Office of Disaster Assistance surge team reservist 

Mortgagor on raw land for development

Over 5,000 commercial and residential full or limited scope commercial site and home inspections performed

HUD home safety home inspector

InterNACHI certified Safe Workplace Inspector

To demonstrate credibility and integrity, licensed home inspector Thomas Kapinos has a FICO score over 830.

Commercial property inspector Thomas Kapinos is rated by Dun and Bradstreet.